You Don’t Have To Be Anything: Confronting Unrealistic Pressures During COVID

my latest short video: “You Don’t Have To Be Anything”

There’s been some messaging online about using this time (pandemic) to get a “side hustle” or you were never serious about it or “be the best version of yourself.” Everyone copes differently and we are living through an historic, anxious time. It’s okay if are having a hard time…


Hi there! I am a patient advocate, writer, and public speaker most well known for my TEDx Talk, “How to Get Stuff Done When You Are Depressed.” As someone who is juggling 5 illnesses: bipolar 2, myasthenia gravis, endometriosis, psoriasis, and asthma, I’m passionate about helping people who navigate life with both chronic physical & emotional pain. If you’re interested in hiring me to speak at your event, check out the CONTACT tab.

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