Review of H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist

H2O+ Beauty Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist
H2O+ Beauty Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist

Last Sunday, I had a full day following an even fuller day the day before when I judged a 12-hour debate tournament.  Here are before and after pictures I took Sunday–the first is in at 11 am right after church.  I sprayed H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist after I finished putting on my makeup.  The second picture is taken at 8 pm.  In that time, I’d gone grocery shopping, bought a dress for my college reunion (which starts today), had lunch and dinner.  In all that time, I never retouched my makeup.  I’ve used great mist products before for an extra pick me up and great products for setting my makeup.  But what makes H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis different from other products it that it does both of those things.  Oasis is one of the products I got in my VIP Swag Bag from the Simply Stylist conference I attended at the Dana Hotel & Spa in July.

11 am / 7 pm using H2O+ Beauty's Oasis
11 am / 7 pm using H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis

The Basics:

  • 5.35 U.S. oz/150 mL
  • Net weight 152 g
  • Form: liquid
  • Aerosol delivery system
  • Mist features: Thermal Water, Aloe Vera, Sea Grass, and Water Lily extracts
Nozzle & back of the bottle, Oasis
Nozzle & back of the bottle, Oasis

How To Use It:

  • Spritz throughout the day for extra moisture or to rehydrate
  • To set makeup, spritz face with Oasis after putting on makeup, before leaving the house
  • Hold bottle 8 to 12 inches from the face and close eyes before misting

Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist is Great For:

  • Rehydrating or giving yourself some extra moisture–If you need a little energy or a burst of cool mist during a long day, Oasis is great for rehydrating.
  • Setting makeup–I put this on after I’ve put on all of my makeup (sans mascara).  If I’m wearing mascara that day, I put it on after I’ve spritzed myself with Oasis.  Oasis makes makeup last longer, which is great if you hate retouching your makeup.

Final Verdict:  ★★★★★

5/5 Stars

Yes, I highly recommend Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist ($18.00) from H2O+ Beauty.  You can purchase it on the company’s website here.

–Your Stylist, Jessica Gimeno




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