I had fun! 90210 Play: Dylan’s Confession

Hey everyone, I wanted to share this video with y’all. I was in a short play on the weekly Beverly Hills 90210 Show podcast & YouTube show, which is co-hosted by the producers of the original Beverly Hills 90210. This was the most fun I’ve had in a while; the whole experience was great! Our play is called “Dylan’s Confession.”

Image is a picture of promo photo for 90210 play called "Dylan's Confession." Left side picture features the late Luke Perry with a surfboard at the beach. Right side photo features Filipina woman wearing a lei and bright lipstick against a beach background.
90210 Play: “Dylan’s Confession”

This new storyline predates season 1; I play a new character named ‘Michelle Ramos.’ A talented fan–Michelle Lojek–and producers–Larry Mollin and Charles Rosin–wrote the play. As a fan of the classic ’90s show, I was geeking out when I met Larry last year. I grew up seeing Larry and Charles’ names at the bottom of the screen. I’m honored that they tapped me to play a character in a story about the iconic character, Dylan McKay (rest in peace, Luke Perry–we miss you!). In this first video–below–you see just the play:

In the second video–around 12:10, the other cast members and I appear on screen. We discuss how we auditioned for the roles before the play begins.

Here’s the text my friends at the Beverly Hills 90210 Show show used to promote our play:

Everyone has a first time. Even, Dylan McKay…
Get some context on Dylan character with a never-before-revealed story presented as an original audio play by the original writers and executive producers of our beloved TV series. Watch now and share widely!

Writer, producers, host of 90210 podcast, and actors (myself included) in the play 'Dylan's Confession.' I'm in the bottom row-second from the left--wearing a purple flower in my dark hair. Smiling.
Cast, producers, and writers of ‘Dylan’s Confession’

Tom Frank played Dylan McKay; Louise Smith played Dylan’s mom, Iris McKay; and 90210 alum, Morton Muntz, played Bobo.

Every Wednesday at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST, you can catch Larry, Charles, filmmaker and fan Peter Fierro, and co-host Media Melanie on the Beverly Hills Show podcast. Sometimes cast members join–they’ve had Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin-Green and others. Check out my review of Larry Mollin’s book, St. Malo, on my YouTube channel below (starts at 6:54):


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