Style Lessons from Mad Men’s Trudy Campbell; How to Get the Look!

elizabeth_taylorTonight is the half-season finale of Mad Men.  (Yes, half-season finales are a thing.  With the success AMC had doing it with Breaking Bad, I’m guessing they’re here to stay.)  Last week we saw Alison Brie return as Trudy Campbell.  So I thought Trudy would be the perfect Mad Men woman to profile.  (Skip below to see links to my profiles on Joan and Peggy.)**

Ode to Trudy Campbell

I realize that I adore Trudy Campbell’s character for three reasons.  First, she’s always stylish.  Second, she can dance.  Remember this number Pete and Trudy did?

As someone who’s thrown a lot of dinner parties, Trudy would be my ideal guest.  Third and finally, she handed Pete his a** on a silver platter last season with this very memorable speech:

If you recall, Pete was having an affair with their neighbor.  (Not his only affair of course.  Rory Gilmore, anyone?) Anyway, the mistress ran to Pete and Trudy’s house after her husband battered her.  Trudy took care of the woman going so far as to put her up in a hotel.  The morning after, Trudy took Pete by surprise with what has to be my favorite moment of last season.  Epic speech.

Dress Like Trudy

13357165875_b356435330As I did with Joan and Peggy, I refer back to one of my favorite websites,  I found some dresses that are similar to Trudy’s blue dress.  The dress she was going to wear to Margaret Sterling’s wedding but didn’t because JFK was assassinated.  Alison Brie defines glamour in this number.  Style lesson:  When in doubt, go with a solid.

You can find two similar dresses from PinUp.  Click here to learn more about the one on the left (Heidi Dress in Royal Blue) and here to learn more about the dress on the right side (Grace Dress in Flocked Blue).


Your Thoughts?

What do you think is going to happen on tonight’s episode? Where do you think the show is headed?  Will Don and Peggy team up and finally kick Lou’s butt?  Will Don stay sober?

–Your Stylist, Jessica Gimeno

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One thought on “Style Lessons from Mad Men’s Trudy Campbell; How to Get the Look!

  • November 1, 2019 at 5:46 am

    Yeah, Trudy Campbell is an epitome to class and style. Not as well-bred as her husband but definitely a classy New Yorker.


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