Fun! 2018-2019 New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Party Was A Success

This year, I hosted the 6th Annual New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Marathon Party, which coincides with SyFy’s iconic New Year’s Eve marathon.  The party was a success!  There were many new guests and regulars.  Many partygoers shared their comments and insights on the episodes.  (For more on the history of why I started this party, read my recap of the first ever NYE TZ party here.)   This year’s marathon was 55-hours long, starting on December 30 and continuing through January 2nd!  As you can imagine, I needed help pulling it off.  I could not stay awake the entire time.  Much of the time, I did feel sick, which is sadly “normal” when you have six illnesses, so I definitely couldn’t have pulled this off alone. I’d like to thank the following people who have made this marathon possible:

  • Edwin, who found links to episodes for partygoers who do not have SyFy
  • Matt, co-host
  • Roman, co-host
  • Mark, co-host
  • Joshua, co-host
  • every guest who attended the party
  • everyone who invited people

A Game WE Played:  If It Happened Today…

It is hard to tell with Facebook’s changes but it looks like over 200 people attended this year’s marathon party.  In past year’s marathons, we did this thing called “virtual potluck” where people posted pictures of their New Year’s Eve dishes and gave the meals Twilight Zone-inspired names like, Rip Van Winkle Carpaccio.  (Although, this year, one guest Kristina ordered virtual pizza for everyone–thanks Kristina!)  This year, we played a different game I made up called “If it happened today.”  What if these Twilight Zone stories happened in the present?  Partygoers had some great ideas.  These are just a few (**mild spoilers-you might want to skip if you’re a new fan**):

  • In 2019, “Where Is Everybody?” would take place on MySpace. –Walter
  • In 2019, “The Dummy” would have his own YouTube channel instead of working the nightclub circuit. “Click that subscribe button, chumps!” –Mark
  •  If “The Bewitchin’ Pool” were filmed today, the production and audio / video edits would have been stellar, and the parents would have been arrested for the disappearance of the children. –Edwin
  • If “Most Unusual Camera” was remade in 2019 it would be A Most Unusual Camera Phone that takes dopey pics and calls the spirit world on it’s own! –Yvonne
  •  In 2019, “The Silence” would take place as a reality TV show–in the finale, we would find out that Tennyson won the bet by having the nerves to his vocal cords severed. –this one was my idea
  • “The Trade-Ins” episode: These days, Holt would probably be shown raising the money he needed by making crystal meth –Matt
  • OR, Holt would probably raise the money he needed with a GoFundMe page–Dale
  • If “The Masks” happened today, what would they look like? I’m guessing someone would get a mask shaped like an iPhone for spending all of their time texting? –another one of my ideas
  •  If we remade “From Agnes-With Love”, the computer would fall in love with the coffee machine! 😛 ha ha 😛 – Howie
  • On “One For the Angels,” Bob said, “You would understand this joke if you follow Major League Baseball.  If this episode were remade today, it would have to be retitled, ‘One for the L.A. Angels of Anaheim.’ “
2019 Is Here!

If You Want To Be At Next Year’s Party

If you would like to join my future marathon parties during New Year’s Eve during SyFy’s annual marathon, click here to join TZ NYE Posse (a closed group).  As always, it’s free every year–all you need is a Facebook account and the your imagination.

Thank you to everyone who attended and invited others to the party.  God-willing, I’ll see you again next New Year’s Eve.  Finally, thank you, SyFy, for the wonderful memories!


P.S. Thank you, SyFy, for airing these delightful Tostitos commercials featuring Jean Claude Van-Damme during the marathon!


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