Are You Coming To My Online New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Party?

It’s that time of the year again.  I am hosting the 6th Annual New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Party during SyFy’s 55-hour Twilight Zone marathon.  All you need to attend is Facebook–join the party HERE on the event page and enter “going” as your answer.  The party kicks off midnight on December 30th and runs until the morning of January 2nd.  If you’re new to this, you should know that most people don’t watch all 55 hours.   For a complete list of this year’s episodes, checkout SyFy.

How It Works

Think of the Facebook event page as a virtual meeting hall.  Party goers post comments on the event page during the marathon.  Each episode gets its own thread and people react to that episode in the comments.  Most people and come in and out of the party. We also do a thing called a “virtual potluck” where people post pictures of their New Year’s Eve meals.

For those of us who have cable, we will be watching the marathon on SyFy while leaving comments on the Facebook page.  If you don’t have SyFy, we will be posting links to the episodes on the Facebook page throughout the marathon.  A few options for those who don’t have SyFy:

  • Netflix
  • CBS All Access – you can try the free trial of CBS All Access. CBS has every TZ episode online.  If you don’t enjoy your trial, you can cancel within a week.
  • the Facebook page itself where the party is happening

To understand why I started the online party, you can read my recap here of our first party, which I hosted on New Year’s Eve of 2013.

To keep up with updates on future marathon parties (held during SyFy’s annual New Year’s Eve marathons and most of their July 4th marathons), join the TZ New Year’s Eve Posse hereIt’s a closed group.

See you in The Zone soon!





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