Come to My New Year’s Eve Online Party! #TwilightZone

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again!  New Year’s Eve is almost upon us–it’s the 5th Annual Online New Years’ Eve Party where people come to celebrate from around the world while watching SyFy’s annual Twilight Zone marathon. You can still attend even if you don’t have cable; all you need is Facebook.  This year’s marathon is 48 hours long–the party begins Sunday (December 31st) at 4 am EST and ends on Tuesday (January 2nd) at 4 am EST .  If you want to attend the party, join our Facebook event page by clicking *HERE.*

You can see SyFy’s schedule of episodes here.  Most people take naps as opposed to watching every single episode.

Why I Started This Online Party In 2013

I started this party on New Year’s Eve of 2013.  Year after year, I spent this holiday bedridden watching the marathon and couldn’t go out to parties.  For one thing, I had excruciating pain from my polycystic ovarian syndrome, which comes and goes and adds to daily pain of my autoimmune diseases, especially the myasthenia gravis.  Also I have bipolar disorder and it’s hard to go out and come home too late.  Sleeping on time and routine are important with bipolar disorder.  I had this idea that it would be great if no one had to spend New Year’s alone for whatever reason whether it’s health related or not.  That first year, I was surprised when 50 people from around the world attended my impromptu party on Facebook.  One year, we had 250 people attend including the daughter of Rod Serling, Anne Serling.  Rod is the creator of TZ and he appears in every single episode.

Recap of Last Year’s Party

You can read a recap of last year’s party (2016-2017 party) here.

See You In the Zone!

If you’d like to join my New Year’s Eve Party, click on our Facebook event page HERE.  If you don’t have cable, it’s fine because we post free episodes on the Facebook event page.  To stay in the loop about our biannual marathons (we also have a party during SyFy’s annual 4th July Twilight Zone marathon), click here to join the Twilight Zone NYE Posse also on Facebook (it’s a closed group).

–Jessica Gimeno




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