Book Review: ChronicBabe 101

Hey all, I did my first (YouTube) book review. I was so blown away by Jenni Grover’s ChronicBabe 101: How To Craft An Incredible Life Beyond Illness that I had to share this gem. I learned a lot about living with chronic illness as well as lessons on being a caregiver. Jenni lives with fibromyalgia, asthma, anxiety, and a handful of other health problems. This book is a must read for anyone who lives with chronic pain or fatigue OR for anyone who loves someone who is chronically ill. (To be honest, I kind of wish healthy loved ones would read it to understand how hard chronic life is.) The book is available on Kindle for $5.49.

Full Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate.


Hi there! I am a patient advocate, writer, and public speaker most well known for my TEDx Talk, “How to Get Stuff Done When You Are Depressed.” As someone who is juggling 5 illnesses: bipolar 2, myasthenia gravis, endometriosis, psoriasis, and asthma, I’m passionate about helping people who navigate life with both chronic physical & emotional pain. If you’re interested in hiring me to speak at your event, check out the CONTACT tab.

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