#AncientAbledProverbs: 45 Things NOT To Say to People with Disabilities

Created by @shapkaa on Twitter; follow her!

So the fabulous @HijaDe2Madre started this twitter hashtag that went viral called #AncientAbledProverbs about things people with disabilities are tired of hearing.  Check out #AncientAbledProverbs on Twitter!

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I tried my best (despite the current pain I’m in; yay otitis media!) to create an inclusive list.  Follow the talented @shapkaa on Twitter who created the “Now That’s What I Call Ablesim” graphic! It’s hard to know what to say sometimes but listening is more helpful than aphorisms.  Listening is validating.  And when possible, offer tangible ways to help a sick friend such as asking, “Can I take you grocery shopping?”  The other day my niece asked me what I need and brought over some basil chips to help me deal with my polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) pain.  Basil helps me with PCOS pain.  As someone who lives with PCOS, myasthenia gravis, bipolar disorder, psoriasis, and asthma, I could relate to all of these.

List of 45 #AncientAbledProverbs:




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