Welcome Back, Dallas!; A Fashion Retrospective

Wow; after two decades off the air, Dallas returned with a bang!  The series premiere last week set a record for the highest premiere of any non-scripted show on television this year.  The show was supposed to return a year ago but star Larry Hagman (TV’s inimitable JR Ewing) was diagnosed with cancer.  Thankfully, 80-year old Hagman beat the illness.  As a fellow professional patient, I salute Hagman and his resilience.  As a Dallas fan, I am grateful.

In honor of the iconic show’s return, I’d like to take a look back at the show’s fashion, which spanned 1978 to 1991 (yes it was on that long!).  I will be doing multiple posts on the style of Dallas since it’s here to stay (and millions of fans around the world are saying Finally!).  But for this article, I’ll focus on the three original bombshell beauties of the show:  Sue Ellen (played by Linda Gray), Pamela Barnes Ewing (Victoria Principal), and Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton).  

No One Way to be Beautiful

What made Dallas a great study in style (both then and now) is that all the women looked so different that we were reminded there was no one way to be beautiful.  For instance, Sue Ellen was tall and statuesque and Lucy was short and voluptuous.   I’ve included links to affordable, updated takes on their fashion at www.macys.com.

 Sue Ellen 

Sue Ellen had a seductive gaze about her and an elegant stride.  With her tall, slight frame, Sue Ellen could pull off plunging necklines without looking vulgar.  Also, she wore big ribbons, men’s neckties, and boxy suits better than bustier women.  (Note: If you are insecure about being flat-chested, remember that there are some style advantages.)  Want an updated version of Sue Ellen’s look?  Click here to see this black jumpsuit at Macy’s.



With her doughy brown eyes, delicate bone structure, and curves, Pamela was always a beauty.  Because of her ample chest, she also looked best in sweetheart necklines and V-neck blouses and sweaters—buxom women should avoid boat-neck sweaters and shirts.  If you have curves, check out this ruched-top from Macy’s made by INC?



Lucy had a very petite and curvy frame.  I hear a lot of short, petite women with large chests complain about not having anything to wear.  There are a few solutions to that:  First, mix it up.  I sometimes wear a regular size top with petite pants.  Second, like Lucy is in this picture, wear something loose on top with something more structured on the bottom.   With her legs, Lucy rocked skinny jeans like it was nobody’s business!  I am also short and I actually started wearing skinny jeans after starting steroids.  Because the majority of my weight gain went to my torso, skinny jeans were great because they highlighted the thinnest part of my body.   If you are petite, take a look at these Jessica Simpson jeans on sale now at Macy’s.

More to Come on Dallas Style

I really like the style of the current cast of Dallas–both old and new members and look forward to blogging about it.  Dallas is on Wednesday Monday nights on TNT at 9/8c.  I leave you with parting words from last week’s episode:

“If you don’t mind my saying so, you’re still the prettiest girl at the ball.”–JR to Sue Ellen

–Your Stylist, Jessica Lynn Gimeno

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