WANTED: Someone to Read Jason Priestley’s Memoir with Me

samp599d76ef5841c44fLast week, I asked readers on Facebook how they would unwind and exercise self-care over the weekend.  Readers in turn asked me what I would do.  Well, all week long I’d been looking forward to this scavenger hunt at my church on Saturday.  But I wasn’t sure if I’d be well enough to participate.  As many of you have experienced, pain and fatigue often hijack my plans.  Thankfully I had a Plan B.  Last Friday, I downloaded the book, Jason Priestley:  A Memoir.

I DVR’d last Wednesday’s episode of The View so I could see Brandon Walsh Jason Priestley.  Yes, I am a Beverly Hills 90210 fan as you could guess from my previous post, 6 Tips: How to Wear Jeans When You’re Gaining Weight.   One of the reasons I wanted to read it was to hear about Priestley’s thoughts on the 2002 car crash  that almost killed him–he flatlined twice!  In the book, there are some great scenes between Jason and Luke Perry in his hospital room that made me cry.  Aside from the accident, I (obviously) picked up the book with the intention of reading Priestley’s reflections on his 90210 days.  He far exceeded my expectations.

Some of my favorite parts:

  • Jason’s relationship with Aaron Spelling and his biggest regret.  He talks about leaving the show after nine years and how it hurt Spelling.
  • How 90210 should have ended.  (Inside I was screaming, “YES.  After ten years, you’re supposed to give the fans what they want!”)  But it was great to hear a cast member finally admit it. I’m still holding out hope some day that fans can get the Brenda/Dylan and Brandon/Kelly ending many of us wanted.  At least we got to see Donna and David marry.
  • Shenanigans behind the scenes between Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, and Shannen Doherty during 90210.
  • Fame.  Jason talks about his last vacation (with Luke Perry and Ian Ziering) before they were famous.  He talks about the price of fame and how young celebrities today have even less privacy than the 90210 stars had twenty years ago.  Interesting.
  • Awkward!  Jason talks about directing the episode where Donna loses her virginity and how uncomfortable it was to watch Tori Spelling’s scenes with Aaron Spelling.  I didn’t know Jason was Canadian.  He says that Donna Martin losing her virginity became “a national obsession” in the U.S.
  • Family.  Jason talks about meeting his wife, their proposal, the car accident, and his adorable children.

Anybody Want to Talk About This?

When you live with chronic illness, you have to become good at entertaining yourself.  I was so excited reading the memoir that I was gushing about it to my mom.  Here was our exchange:

Me:  Jason talks about meeting Tori’s husband, Dean.  He says Dean refused to shake his hand.  A few years later, he was watching Tori’s reality TV show with his wife.  And Tori was having a yard sale.  She was selling her invitation to Jason’s wedding!

Mom:  (blank stare)

Me:  What do you think of that?  Why would Tori do that?  Do you  think it’s an invasion of privacy?

Mom:  (stare…) Why would anybody want an invitation to his wedding anyway?

Obviously, my mom really does not care about Jason Priestley or Beverly Hills 90210.  To her credit, she didn’t make fun of me.  That being said, I need someone to read Jason Priestley’s memoir so we can talk about it.  Any 90210 fans out there?   Leave a comment below if you’re interested or message me on Fashionably ill’s Facebook page.  Also May is Mental Health Month.  On Facebook,  asked readers, “What is one thing you don’t want to hear when you’re depressed?”  Join our conversation here.

–Your Stylist, Jessica Gimeno

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