Reviews of Arbonne Eye Shadows: Vanilla and Titanium

10494475_653086438109381_4143539345109424317_oIf you’re new to this blog, Arbonne is an all-natural, botanical skincare and wellness company.  Aside from skincare, nutrition, and everyday products (ex: shampoo, lotion), they do makeup.  At the end of this entry, I talk about why I do Arbonne.  I decided to review two of their eye shadows, Vanilla and Titanium ($19.00 each).  I got Vanilla knowing it was a great color for all women.  I originally chose Titanium for blue-eyed women I make over but I quickly discovered that Titanium is great for people with brown eyes too.

7846.lgVANILLA is great for people who…

  • Prefer/want to try all natural cosmetics:  Arbonne’s makeup is made using standards used by the E.U.  In Europe, they’ve banned 1200 chemicals from their cosmetics.  Guess how many they’ve banned in the U.S.?  Ten!  The average American has 200 synthetic chemicals in his/her body.  With Arbonne, all of our products are botanically-based and natural.
  • Want an all-over the lid color that easily blends with darker shades:  After applying Vanilla, I applied Titanium close to the lashes.  Then, I blended the two colors.
  • Want a light, natural color:  Vanilla can also be worn alone for a nice everyday look to school or work.  If you’re not into va-va-voom, Vanilla is a great choice.  It’s subtle yet pretty.

TITANIUM is great for people who…

  • Want a shadow with buildable coverage:  Titanium can be worn light.  If you want it to be darker (as I’m wearing in the pictures), you can apply more color multiple times.
  • Need something highly pigmented:  7860.lgTitanium really makes both blue and brown eyes pop!  Despite being all natural, Arbonne eye shadows are highly pigmented.   Even I was shocked the first time I tried Arbonne eye shadows by how highly pigmented they are.
  • Want to save money:  Because it’s highly pigmented, you save money.  The shadow will last you a long time.
  • Want to do “smokey eyes:”  Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.32.15 PMSometimes it’s hard to do smokey eyes and blend colors without looking “dirty.”  You need something dark that has a little shine to it.   As you can see on the blue-eyed model, Titanium has just the right amount of shine to it so it looks dramatic, not dirty.  I would use Titanium for formal occasions.
  • Prefer/want to try all natural cosmetics.

The contrast between the two colors, Vanilla and Titanium, demonstrates the versatility of Arbonne’s cosmetics.  Whatever your preference, Arbonne can do all natural and big drama well.

 Why I Do Arbonne

I started this blog because I know what it’s like to experience dramatic changes in your appearance due to illness and treatment.  It gives me joy to do makeup for women who have cancer, autoimmune diseases, and a wide variety of chronic illnesses.  Last week, I used Vanilla and Titanium when I was doing makeup for someone at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  I want to help people look good and feel good but I also want to do so safely and avoid products with toxins.  The other reason I am an Arbonne independent consultant is because it’s hard to do a regular 9 to 5 job when you have five chronic illnesses.  Selling Arbonne gives me some freedom as it allows me to leverage my time while paying for some medical bills.

Interested?  Let’s Talk

1623210_653104891440869_930052352124579493_nOur business is built on personal relationships.  Arbonne is not like most skincare companies; we sell via our consultants.  (If you’re interested in learning more about Arbonne, please leave a comment below.)  I’m always excited to talk makeup!  However, if you are in a hurry, please input my Consultant ID (#14046034) when you make purchases on

Other Arbonne products in my picture: Lipstick (“Jam;” my review here, $25.00), Bronzer $36.00, Got You Covered Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20 (shade-Bisque) $42.00.

What’s your favorite makeup product?

–Your Stylist, Jessica Gimeno


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