Review Of blendercleanser® solid; A Must-Have for Beauty Junkies

blendercleanser® solid
blendercleanser® solid
Before & After using the blendercleanser® solid
Before & After using the blendercleanser® solid

This is going to be a short post because I just got home from speaking at the Minority Mental Health Awareness Summit in Birmingham, Alabama and tomorrow morning, I’m attending the Simply Stylist conference in Chicago.  Eek! I’m so excited.  Catt Sadler form E! News is going to be there, and I can’t wait to meet some great fashionistas and beauty junkies.  Speaking of beauty junkies, I wanted to share a product with you that has made my life so much easier–the beauty blender blendercleanser solid! 


How it works:  You can clean beautyblender® infamous “egg” sponge with it, other makeup sponges (including dupes), or any kind of makeup brush.  It’s like soap for your makeup tools.  It cleans sponges and brushes from other brands as well.

As a busy person and someone lives with chronic fatigue, it’s been hard for me to clean my brushes as often as I would like.  For years, I stood over a sink rinsing makeup cleanser through the bristles for one to two hours.  The time consuming nature made me wash brushes less than I would like to.  Newer innovations made things a little easier but no where near as easy as theblendercleanser® solid!  Now it could take me fifteen minutes to clean my brushes, depending on how many I want to clean.

Before & After Pictures

So I’ve had this stippling brush from Japonesque forever–okay not forever, more like six or seven years.  Stippling brushes are for applying bronzer (as I wrote about when I became Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell).  You can see the dramatic difference in these before and after pictures of my brush.  After all this time, I had forgotten how white the brush originally was.  I was shocked because I had cleaned my brush so many times before I had no idea how much pigment remained on the brush!


Final Verdict: blendercleanser® solid is a must have for beauty junkies!  it’s the makeup tool I never knew I needed.  At $16.00 and 1 oz, it’s worth it.  You can get it here at Sephora.


Pictures Coming – Simply Stylist!

I’ll be posting pictures from Simply Stylist soon!  #SimplyStylistChi  And I’ll also be live tweeting and live instagramming it tomorrow.

–Your Stylist, Jessica Gimeno




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