A Bra For Women With Health & Mobility Challenges from Fresh Comfort Inc.

unnamedRelief!  The best feeling in the world is that moment when you come home and finally get to unhook your bra.  Bras can be so painful–the underwire, hooks, and straps digging in.  I used to tell my mom that I wish I was a Charlie’s Angel so I didn’t have to wear a bra.  But I’m not an Angel.  I am a high school debate coach by day.  I’m also a health activist–blogger, freelance writer, and convention speaker.  Like many women, I go to places (example: work) where I need to wear a bra.  At the Abilities Expo, I saw an exhibit from Fresh Comfort Inc.   Their Seamless Zipper Bra was one of their featured products.  The creator originally designed the bra for her senior citizen mother.  Then, she realized the bra could help other women in addition to senior citizens like people with painful diseases, arthritis issues, disabilities, back problems, etc.  

Fresh Comfort's Seamless Zipper Bra
Fresh Comfort’s Seamless Zipper Bra

(A few years ago, I started wearing bralets because bras became too uncomfortable.  But the bigger I got, the bralets’ coverage became inadequate for certain settings.)  Here is my review of Fresh Comfort’s Seamless Zipper Bra from their Embrace Collection.  I got measured at the Expo; I bought a nude in M/L although it also comes in white.

Features of the Seamless Zipper Bra:

  • No small hooks–the front zipper closure makes them unnecessary
  • Sorbtek® technology–Keeps skin dry by moving moisture/perspiration away from the skin
  • Fits like a vest but with the coverage of a bra–provides more coverage than a bralet
  • Removable pads–the pads provide light support, smooth contour, and coverage
  • Tag-less label–no tag to irritate you
  • Smooth, wide straps–you don’t have to constantly adjust your bra
  • Soft fabric–seamless fabric also includes an Austrian snap, which is not intrusive (you forget it’s even there)
  • Reduces appearance of “back-fat” or visible bra lines–back lines disappear so clothing appears smooth under skin and back does not ride up
  • Instructions–if you forget how to put the bra on, it comes with instructions and handy diagrams.  Fresh Comfort also has videos showing you how to put on their bras.

unnamed-1What I enjoy most about the Seamless Zipper Bra is that I can still wear it with v-neck sweaters (like the purple one in my picture).  I wear plenty of those in the fall and winter.

 Product Information:

Body: 94% Sorbtek® / 6% Elastane
Bra Cup Lining: 100% Polyester

 Sizes:  XS/S,   M/L,   L/XL

(Click here for size charts or see Fresh Comfort’s video on how to measure yourself.

Two shades:  white, nude

Price:  $50.00

Return Policy:  Products can be returned to Fresh Comfort Inc. within 30 days.  For more information on the return and exchange policies, click here.

To conclude, if bras have become too painful for you, I recommend trying Fresh Comfort Inc’s Seamless Zipper Bra.  Fresh Comfort also has an Easy Front Open Bra and other products like seamless boxers and briefs.  You can follow Fresh Comfort on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/freshcomfortinc 

 –Your Stylist, Jessica Gimeno


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  • October 14, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    Whoa! You can’t start a bra conversation here :] There are men kind that read this blog too and we’re trying to think of “more than boobs”
    this isn’t helping:p
    Nice picture btw.
    I have a story for every port, but I know someone who has problems with bra size, finding a bra that can fit and be comfortable seems like its been quite a journey as many places don’t support her larger size.


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