5 Comfortable Brands of Leggings

Black Leggings from Shimera
#1:  Wide Waist Band Black Leggings from Shimera

Having had surgery in June, I realized that there are many times when you can’t or just don’t want to wear jeans.  The buttons and rigid material can be uncomfortable.  For many people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, zipping up pants and fiddling with buttons can be difficult.  Recently, I found some great leggings–most of them at huge discount prices at Nordstrom Rack.  I bought them in person.  As you know, I don’t like to pay full price for anything if I can help it.  In my experience, these leggings have been far more comfortable than jeans.  The first three brands are brands I have tried.

  1. Shimera-Wide Waist Band Legging ($12.97-sale price-at Nordstrom Rack: Style # RK346821MI): What’s great about these leggings is the fabric is ultra soft and breathable.  Black leggings are a staple of fall fashion.  To camouflage my tummy, I wear shirts and blouses that go past my waist line.  The best part is the wide waist band which deflects attention away from my stomach.  I don’t know about you but when I gain weight, a disproportionate amount of it goes to my tummy.  Shimera leggings have enough coverage that you can wear them to work as I have.  As a bonus, Shimera leggings are affordable–their prices are comparable to Old Navy’s (see #5).  Available in sizes: S, M, L, and XL.  (For reference, I am wearing a size large.)
  2. Hue Original Denim Shaping Legging ($24.97-sale price- at Nordstrom Rack: Style #U14029):  Hue leggings look like jeans but feel four times softer than jeans!  I wear a lot of dark denim to work; this looks just as good but is much more comfortable.
    Hue Leggings in Midnight Rinse
    #2:  Hue Original Denim Shaping Leggings in Midnight Rinse

    I was shocked at how soft Hue leggings are!  The color I’m wearing, Midnight Rinse, is a deep, flattering shade.  Hue comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.  (For reference, I am wearing a size Medium in the picture.)

  3. Spanx Jean Legging ($45.97 at Nordstrom Rack: Style #2420):  Spanx Jean leggings don’t have the compression feel that their famous shape wear has; I don’t feel like I’m holding anything in.  They feel like jeans but are much roomier and easy to get into than most pairs of jeans and “jeggings.”  The Spanx leggings are roomy but not as soft as the Hue leggings.  The color is attractive; the dark indigo rinse is slimming, versatile, and economical–it can go from day to night easily.  You can also get Spanx jean leggings in black.  Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL.  (For reference, I wear a large in Spanx.)
  4. Zella “Live In” Leggings ($53.00 at Nordstrom: Item #265458):  I confess that I haven’t worn Zella before but I’ve read some positive five-star reviews (like this one), which say Zella’s black leggings have hidden key pockets for gym and travel use.  Zella leggings have a moisture-wicking knit fabric, which is important for workout clothes.  The reviewer says Zella Leggings are, breathable very comfortable, and have a color that does not fade after multiple washes.  Available sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL.  According to Nordstrom’s size chart, Zella’s XL is equivalent to sizes 14–16.
  5. Old Navy Long Leggings in Heather Dark Grey ($12.00 at Old Navy):  I haven’t worn Old Navy’s leggings but they are listed on many reviews as a having a great value for your money.  Reviewers boast that Old Navy’s leggings are comfortable enough.  I like the Heather Dark Grey as an alternative to black leggings; however Old Navy also offers them in black.  Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Some Final Thoughts

Best bang for your buck leggings: Tie #5, Old Navy and #1, Shimera (at sale price)

Best leggings that look like jeans but are much softer than jeans: #2, Hue

Most comfortable leggings: Tie #1, Shimera and #2, Hue

Like jeans but easier to get into: #3, Spanx

Best leggings for working out: #4, Zella

Best leggings for plus size: Probably #4, Zella (based on reviews I’ve read)

Again I haven’t tried the Zella and Old Navy leggings but I included them because I read positive reviews from people saying Zella came in plus sizes (and Zella does in fact come in the most sizes of these five brands) and Old Navy comes in Heather Dark Grey, which is a great fall alternative to black.

Your Turn?

Do you have a favorite pair of leggings?

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