WEGO Health Awards Are Here; Nominate Someone Today

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the year again known as the WEGO Health Awards!  The WEGO Health Awards recognize patient leaders, influencers, and organizations who are making a difference through their advocacy.  With 16 categories ranging from Best in Show: YouTube to Advocating For Another, WEGO helps us recognize patient leaders who are doing impactful work.  When a person is nominated, more people are exposed to their message.

If you know a patient rockstar whose work has impacted you, I encourage you to take a minute and nominate them today!  

You can nominate someone for a WEGO Health Award at:


The nomination period closes on July 31st.  

The program is split into 4 phases:

  1. Nominations    | June
  2. Endorsements | June – July
  3. Judging           | August – September
  4. Celebration      | October

These are the 16 categories in the WEGO Health Awards:

  • Best in Show: YouTube
  • Advocating For Another
  • Best in Show: Community
  • Best in Show: Facebook
  • Best in Show: Blog
  • Best in Show: Instagram
  • Best in Show: Podcast
  • Best in Show: Twitter
  • Best in Show: Tik Tok *NEW*
  • Best Kept Secret
  • Best Team Performance
  • Healthcare Collaborator
  • Hilarious Patient Leader
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Patient Leader Hero
  • Rookie of the Year

This is an example of a nomination – I nominated Christina Huff of Bipolar Hot Mess for Best in Show: Blog.

“I love Christina’s honesty about life with bipolar disorder on Bipolar Hot Mess. As someone who has bipolar, I find her candor comforting in a world that makes it hard to be frank about mental illness. She also posts helpful videos to YouTube. Christi is a true friend to me and many people – she regularly interacts with her readers on social media”

If you’d like to nominate me, here’s a link to my profile on WEGO Health (there’s a blue “nominate” button beneath my picture): https://www.wegohealth.com/jessicalynngimeno


Hi there! I am a patient advocate, writer, and public speaker most well known for my TEDx Talk, “How to Get Stuff Done When You Are Depressed.” As someone who is juggling 5 illnesses: bipolar 2, myasthenia gravis, endometriosis, psoriasis, and asthma, I’m passionate about helping people who navigate life with both chronic physical & emotional pain. If you’re interested in hiring me to speak at your event, check out the CONTACT tab.

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