Mad Men Style: How to Get Betty Draper’s Look (#HAWMC)

Some of Betty Draper's Best Looks
Some of Betty Draper’s Best Looks

Mad Men‘s last episode airs Sunday, May 17 (see AMC‘s official website here).  Since I couldn’t answer today’s #HAWMC question (it’s about pets and I don’t have a pet), I figured I’d continue my Mad Men style profiles in time for tomorrow’s episode. I’ve previously blogged about how to get styles like Joan Harris, Trudy Campbell, and Peggy Olsen.  A profile of Betty Francis (nee Draper) is long overdue.  The lovely January Jones plays Betty.

Betty’s Color Palette

Iconic Betty Draper Dress
Iconic Betty Draper Dress

Betty’s color palette is marked by a lot of pale blues, lavender, baby pinks, and white.  When it comes to dresses, she usually wears A-line hemlines (as opposed to Joan’s curve hugging dresses) in both solids and prints.  Betty, like her ex-husband, Don Draper, is very traditional.  Unlike Megan Draper, she eschews trends like Mod clothing.  Of all the female characters, Betty’s style is the one that’s changed the least.  Betty also cinches in her waistline with sashes and dainty chains.  Another classic feature of her Grace Kelly-esque look is petticoats that make the skirts fuller.  You can check out some petticoats here on Pinup Girl Clothing.

 Get Betty-Style Dresses

A Betty Draper-type dress from Rockabilly
A Betty Draper-type dress from Rockabilly

Here’s a floral dress from Rockabilly.  It comes in sizes S, M, L, and XL and is $33.88.  Best part: the dress comes in a variety of colors.  I once purchased a $34 Rockabilly dress that I love.

Plus-Size Betty Draper-like Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing
Plus-Size Betty Draper-like Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing

Here’s a plus-size number that comes in four sizes (XL, 2X, 3X, 4X) from Pinup Girl Clothing–the Nancy Dress in Blue Lemonade Print ($132.00).  I’ve purchased two dresses from PUG that I adore.

Betty’s Hair

Here’s a great hair tutorial from Hollie Kiernan:

More Mad Men Style Articles To Come

With Mad Men‘s series finale coming up, I’m (finally) having a Mad Men party next month, the one I always wanted.   So I’ll be sharing pictures and tips on how to throw a Mad Men party: costume ideas for men and women and decoration.  And profiling other characters’ styles.

Stay Tuned!

Tomorrow, I’ll be answering another Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC) question.  I’m committed to this challenge of doing 30 blog posts in April (if my nausea doesn’t get in the way.)  Interested in joining?  It’s not too late; sign up here.


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